Want me to stop
Want me to be less PC
While Facebook n Twitter
Litter my news feed
And computer screen
With the ignorant rantings
Of the miseducated
While the misappropriated
Are under attack

Want me to be sweet
Want me to be less street
Play your little game
While you victim shame
Asking me why I was there
Asking me what I wear

Oh you like my bootylicious
Beyonce-ass all up in your face
And you praise my sistah Halle well
As long as she doing the jezebel
Acting like sex ain’t about race
And even Ms Turner strutting her stuff
Needing no love
While giving it all up
And I know you liked Iman
And Grace Jones
The tigress
The lioness

An exoticness
And a something-ness
My impoliteness is NOT
That’s right, I got your hottentot
Of some sad ancient lore
Now listen up, n hear me roar

When my basic dignity
Strikes you indignantly
Across the face
And my moral compass
Offends the delicate sensibilities
Of your tiny little race
Just try to imagine
From a heart filled with compassion
What it’s like

To be black

Oh I’m sorry
Am I being impolite
Well life ain’t been polite to me
Want me to hush up and speak right
I’m sorry I don’t speak white

On second thought
I ain’t sorry
I’m mad as hell
That you want us to dance and sing
As long as we do it on our knees

That’s right, mad as hell
That your color-blindness
Is a garish kindness
For public display only
But behind closed doors
You think you still own me

Mmm Ferguson’s gotten me so upset
Charleston made me lose my rest
And everybody knows about Oklahoma…GODDAMN

Like Nina I’m all a-fury
From Minneapolis to Missouri…GODDAMN
From the bars of Folsom to the streets of Ferguson…GODDAMN
Minneapolis and the 4th precinct…GODDAMN

Laquan McDonald…16 times
Jamar Clark…protesting lives
Tamir Rice…a child falls
Michael Brown…Sandra Bland
 suicide? Within police walls
Ain’t no suicide at all


Trayvon Martin…may you rest in peace


“Until all of us are free, none of us are free”





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